World War II

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World War II

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  1. Italy allied itself to the conquering ruler of Germany. And so, in Italy too, the Jews were now hunted down. The armies of Germany and of Italy invaded the lands of the Balkan and they conquered and occupied, successively, Albania, Yugoslavia, Rumania, Bulgaria and Greece. And Hungary allied itself with the victors. And there, as in every country, the murderous persecution of the Jews immediately followed when the hordes of the ruler of Germany arrived in the land. More Jews lived in these countries than had lived in Germany and Austria. The people of Hungary and of Rumania had long hated the Jews and oppressed them. With great zeal they now helped the German murderers in their hunt for the Jews, in the humiliation and in the torture of Jews, now sent to prison camps in a these countries as well as in Poland.

  2. The ruler of Germany now had at his feet every country in Europe except Russia. Also Spain was friendly towards him. And all those nations that had not been able to see the symptoms of his darkened mind now began to feel the might of his fist. He enslaved them. He carried away their sons to do hard labour for him in his land. And anyone who protested was tortured and killed. Those who did not protest, however, were allowed to live and to slave for him.

  3. Once the ruler of Germany had defeated the French army, he waited two months. During those two months he did not attack Britain. And the British were able to use these two months to produce some fighter planes to add to the few that they had. At the end of two months, the ruler of Germany sent many thousands of his planes over the towns and cities of England, raining down bombs of terrible destruction. These shattered the houses and many thousands of people died. One year after the outbreak of the war, German planes came every night, the bombs tearing into houses and killing men, women and children, old and young. And all this happened because the rulers of Britain had not seen the symptoms of the darkened mind f the man called Hitler. Once, when he was still weak, it would have been easy to depose him. Now he had a terrible strength which they had allowed to grow. And Britain suffered severe wounds and great sorrow. For eight months the British planes fought against the Germans. The war that raged in the air was intended to be a preparation for the landing of German armies in Britain. Now, however, every night, British planes swept over every land of the continent of Europe, the lands subjected to the ruler of Germany, and rained down bombs. Since the ruler of Germany also ruled over nations allied to Britain, the British also bombed the cities of their allies. And many men women and children of the enemy were killed. But in order to target the Germans, the British also killed many of their friends.

  4. Every night, German planes swarmed over Britain and every night British planes swarmed over the continent of Europe. And people extinguished all their lights in all the lands, in all the cities and villages on the continent and in all the cites and villages in Britain, so that they would not be visible to the enemy planes. And both, the continent of Europe ruler over by the man called Hitler as well as Britain, lay in total darkness. For they had not see the darkness of his mind. And the minds of all the people were filled with gloom.

  5. Other than Russia, only the British Isles were not under the heel of Germany’s massed armies and of his hordes of murderers. They were stationed everywhere in Europe. They were stationed along the Northern coast of France, less than one hour by ship from the coast of England. The British placed their powerful fleet of warships around their coastline. Day and night British pilots scanned the horizon, to see whether the German’s millions were coming across the sea in ships or flying through the air in squadrons of aeroplanes. For the Germans, too, had many warships and cargo ships for their armies. Their fleet was much smaller than the British one, but the number of their planes was much greater.. The German army was ten times the size of the British one and the size of the German arms arsenal was twenty and thirty times greater than the arms provisions of the British. And the British could not tell at which point along their lengthy coastline the ruler of Germany would land his massed troops or whether they would land at many points at once or whether they would come down from the air. The powerful British fleet was thus not an adequate weapon for successful resistance. Moreover, the German might be willing to sacrifice thousands of lives in order to gain and hold a single strip of British soil. Because, if he could have a single strip of British soil and hold it, the whole island would fall into the hands of his armies and of his hordes of murderers. Determined to give battle, but despondent in the uncertainty of the outcome, the British people and their army waited along all the shores and throughout the land for the coming of the enemy. They had entered the war inadequately armed. And if the man called Hitler who now ruled over the entire continent were to be able to seize even one corner of the islands with his millions, the annihilation of the British was certain.

  6. Before the persecutions had fully set in, many Jews had fled to England. Should the German succeed and be able to penetrate the British Isles with his soldiers and his murderers, the fate that had befallen their Jewish brethren in every country on the continent of Europe except Russia would inevitably become theirs. If the ruler of Germany were to conquer Britain, he would have won the war. He was now very close to success. All his bloody misdeeds seemed about to be rewarded with good fortune and triumph.

  7. The generals and the advisers of the ruler of Germany now spoke to him urgently, saying: ‘Go now against England. Conquer Britain and grind it down. It is our last enemy. If Britain still has friends, they will see the straits that it is in and they will turn away. Storm the island like a fortress. Let us make every possible effort to break into it at some point or other . Let us use all our force, now that we have no other enemy; let us starve out the British. Let us conquer the islands and make the people so weak that they will sue for peace. And then we shall be the masters of the world’.

  8. And in every country of the world people held their breath and waited for the blow that would fall on Britain. And Britain’s small army and its inadequately armed people awaited the coming of the terrible German armies. The spirit of Britain was sombre, determined for battle. But of what use is determination in the face of shattering blows?

  9. And the man called Hitler turned away from Britain. And with all his armies the ruler of Germany marched against Russia. He turned away from his last enemy, Britain, and he attacked a nation that was not his enemy, a nation, Russia, with which he had signed a Peace Treaty so that he could be strong enough to fight against Britain and France. He now called back almost all the planes that had been raining down bombs on the islands every night. And now, at long last. Britain was again able to breathe freely. And the ruler of Germany sent his pilots to bomb the cities and the troops of Russia.

  10. In his darkened mind, the man called Hitler recalled earlier times; when the nations he had now subjected and against which he was still at war, had supported him and been friendly to him. He recalled that they had wanted him to go to war against Russia and therefore, he thought, Britain, his last enemy, the nation he had not yet conquered, would make peace with him if he attacked Russia. And he believed that all those countries would once again be his friends and would help him with their military forces in his fight against Russia. But his darkened mind had forgotten much of what he had done since the days when the great powers had favoured him.